Key to Success: DEFINING YOUR DREAM, Take ACTION and Move Forward!

Define your DREAM and get a BURNING DESIRE for its achievement!

How do you define your dream?

KNOW your chief aim/goal/objective or chief desire. A good way to do this is get a pen and piece of paper and write down anything you would do if money wasn’t a object. What would you do if you couldn’t fail? It’s a good place to start!

Your goal must be BIG enough to excite you, but small enough to know that YOU can achieve it! It must be on the way toward your ULTIMATE goal! You must be OBSESSED with your chief aim/goal with a burning DESIRE!

Defining your dream is actually easy when you have a disaster in you life or your surrounded by something you don’t want.

People always get scared of disasters in their life, DON’T! Embrace them my friends. It allows you to really clarify what you don’t want, so you can really FOCUS on what you DO WANT.

“Desire is the starting point of all achievement.” ~Napoleon Hill

Always remember when your focusing on what you want, you have to focus on something you can absolutely BELIEVE IN!

You become what you THINK about most of the time, that’s what your talking about and that’s what your vibrating.

If you just VIBRATE/FOCUS on a thought/something you want for 14 seconds that’s going to be equivalent to approx. 2000 hours of physically activity.” ~Napoleon Hill

This is why is the book is titled “Think and Grow Rich” instead of “Work Hard and Grow Rich.”

Those who have their ATTITUDE right and vibrating correctly, then this really pays off.

Now Get a BURNING DESIRE and GO get what YOU want! 🙂


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