Fun facts about the Super Bowl

Snoop Dogg has over $17 million dollars in NFTs (CryptoPunks are the top in his wallet)

He owns land in the metaverse, as well, and is creating his own world!

Lots next to his land were bought for $500,000.

Eminem owns a Bored Ape Yachet Club (NFT) that he bought for $460,000

OBJ received half of his $13 million salary in Bitcoin last season and was the first player from any major U.S. sports league to receive a part or all of his salary in cryptocurrency

Many others you saw last night in NFL and On stage are moving in this digital world we will all soon see.

Tom Brady retired and is focusing on growing his NFT project

A house in Tampa was just sold as an NFT for $653k

Making selling homes as easy as your Amazon purchase

90% of the commercials were Crypto and Trading platforms as well as oculus commercials for the meta verse and virtual reality. Don’t forget all of the electric cars

One crypto exchange paid 7 Million dollars for their commercial to air this evening during the super bowl.

Apple is even adding the option to pay in crypto to Apple Pay

Oh and the BEST PART: Super Bowl LVI Attendees Will Receive an NFT Version of Their Ticket Courtesy of the NFL

The world is evolving

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