How to Start a Travel Blog

If you’re ready to start a travel blog, then bravo! You’re taking the first step towards entrepreneurship and financial freedom. Blogging is something that has not only changed my life, but countless others’ as well.

Nowadays, you can start a travel blog on nearly any destination or travel interest and find a way to make it profitable. While travel blogging used to be dominated by men, today many women are finding success as female travel bloggers. Whether you prefer budget travel, luxury travel, traveling through a specific country, family travel, or even eco-responsible travel, there are a ton of travel niches to choose from that you can dive into.

Now, is travel blogging a get-rich-quick scheme? Absolutely not! Travel blogging can be extremely profitable in the long run, but make no mistake: it takes a lot of up-front effort to see a return on your investment.

Here is how to start a profitable travel blog today!

PS. If you aren’t sure you want to start a travel blog, then head over to my How to Start a Blog guide to read about starting a blog when you aren’t sure of what your topic will be!

How to Start a Travel Blog

How to turn your passion into profit:

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