Meta Martian NFTs are revealed and roadmap!


Phase 1: Meta Martian Sale (Between day 1 – day 45)

– Gaining publicity through celebrity endorsements, gamer partnership, collaborations with other growing projects and extended marketing exposure through Rypplzz and GamerDown Marketing.

– Martian NFTs will serve also as ticket entry to special events.

– NFTs get burned together and collect an increased staking yield.

Phase 2: Martian Escape meets Web3 (Day 45 – 90)

– NFT characters built into M.E. game and serve special abilities based on each of their unique traits.

– Marketplace to list and rent your NFT Martian out to other players becomes available

(When someone earns from using your NFT you receive a commission).

– Gaming NFTs can be earned from playing the game.

– Play to Earn functionality is built into the Martian Escape game.

– MetaMars concept is fully released and Token is launched.

– A MetaMars metaverse beta?

– NFT Staking on Token becomes available.

Phase 3: Martian Expansion (Day 90-120)

– Martian Escape is improved upon so that in-game revenue can drive larger rewards to MMAC NFT holders, reducing the yield off of the token.

– Meta Martian NFTs integrate into Alter and can be used for discounts with special vendors.

– Marketing is extended across Middle-East & Asia/Thailand.

– Further partnerships with other communities and exchange listings.

Phase 4: Meta Mars is LIVE and ready to play! (Day 120 – Day 180)

– Meta Mars Alpha-Beta version is released to public to explore and play with.

– Meta Martians can be uniquely outfitted with partnered clothing NFTs backed by real brands.

– Elon sends a Martian to Mars!

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