The Greatest innovation

Blockchain technology has been

called the greatest innovation since

the advent of the internet.


Advocates of the technology say it

will disrupt every industry that exists

today and affect the lives of nearly

everyone on the planet within decades.


Is Blockchain technology one of the

greatest technological revolutions in

history or just hype?


Will blockchain technology cause

governments and banking systems to

change the way information is handled

or will it work as usual?


This book will explain what blockchain

technology is, how it works, and its

potential applications and impact

as the answer to any problem facing

government, transfer systems,

or government.


The goal is to provide a comprehensive

understanding of blockchain technology

that combines the benefits and usability

with the risks and disadvantages, and

addresses some of the hype surrounding it.


This book is written for those who

are new to blockchain technology

looking for a non-technical understanding

of the technology.


Some technical aspects are covered at

the end of the book.


When I first learned about blockchain

technology, I discovered that there was

a lot of technical information about

blockchain technology scattered and

poorly structured, but no clear instructions

from the non-technical base.


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The Greatest innovation

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